Buildings are not only one of the largest contributors to resource depletion and climate change, they are also the most visible and enduring elements of an organization's commitment to sustainability. UBC is a global leader in campus sustainability, due in large part to the wide range of measures it has applied to its building stock.  Visit this website to learn more about Green buildings at UBC.

UBC's commitments to sustainability are informed by UBC UP12: the policy that outlines the rules of land use, permitting and sustainability. UBC’s key sustainability plans and guidelines for building design and construction are: the Green Building Action Plan, the Campus Plan Design Guidelines, and the UBC Technical Guidelines by division.

UBC’s Green Building Action Plan (GBAP) is a policy framework and implementation action plan that will drive incremental improvements for buildings towards a vision of net positive ecological and human health in pursuit of an exceptional built environment that supports the academic mission of teaching, learning and research.  See the GBAP goals, targets and indicators for buildings in eight component areas of design and construction: Energy & Emissions, Water, Quality, Materials & Resources, Climate Adaptation, Health & Wellbeing, Biodiversity and Place & Experience.

UBC’s recent declaration of a Climate Emergency is accelerating the university’s efforts to reach the goals of the UBC Climate Action Plan and reduce operational and embodied GHG emissions associated with buildings.

Green Building Requirements

Visit this UBC Campus & Community Planning website for UBC’s green building requirements. Specific requirements depend on the project size or budget, for example large new buildings with a floor area of over 1000m2 or a budget over $5 million have the following requirements beyond the technical guidelines: green building certification, energy targets and airtightness testing, life cycle costing focus, sustainability process adherence, alignment with green building action plan and climate ready requirements.

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