Design & Approvals

Design Requirements

UBC Vancouver Campus Plan

The Vancouver Campus Plan is a 3-part document covering campus evolution, a cultural audit of existing buildings and spaces, discussions surrounding opportunities, UBC priorities and implementation strategies. Of particular interest to Desgn Consultants is Part 3 - Design Guidelines.

An important design reference source for required general Sustainable Best Practices Guidelines on campus can be found in the Vancouver Campus Plan, Section 2.3.10 Sustainability Best Practice in Building Design.

For design information on exterior lighting design standards at the UBC Campus, refer to the Vancouver Campus Plan, Section 2.5.2 Lighting.

UBC Learning Space Design Guidelines

These guidelines are intended for the use of design professionals and other UBC agencies in the planning and design of learning spaces. To view or download the guidelines, visit the Learning Space Design Guidelines webpage.


Variance Question Sheet (XLS) Request for Variance - Questions to ask before submission

Sample Variance Sheet (XLS, PDF)

Project Managers are to email the 'Request for Variance' sheet to:

  • For UBC Okanagan campus: Shelley Kayfish, Director, Campus Operations & Risk Management
  • For UBC Vancouver campus: Nikii Hoglund, Director, Asset Replacement & Improvements, Building Operations

Life Cycle Costing Analysis

The project design and development team will consider the selection of building systems and equipment based on life cycle costing rather than purely first costs, taking into consideation the long term benefit for UBC.

Related spreadsheets:

Energy Rates (XLS) UBC LCA Appendix A - Energy Rates and Escalation (2015)
Maintenance Costs (XLS) UBC LCA Appendix B - Maintenance Costs example

Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment (LCA) of building evaluates the inputs and outputs and the potential environmental impacts of a building through its life cycle.  The entire life cycle of the building is examined from the point of manufacture or raw materials extraction of building products and including transportation, use, maintenance and end of life of the building.

Life cycle assessment is encouraged for all major capital projects at UBC in order to understand and develop institutional knowledge of the life cycle environmental impact of various building design decisions. Projects can either hire an LCA consultant to perform a specific study or using Athena to perform a more basic assessment.

Minor Works

Minor Works Examples (PDF) Minor Works - Work that can be carried out by Building Operations trades without requiring a design or a building permit.